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Welcome to the foreign bride information page. I am not going to profess to be an expert. But I can share my experiences with going through the foreign bride process. I have made three different trips to the former soviet union. I have now been married for one year to my lovely bride from Ukraine and happy beyond words. I want to take this time to share some information with you to help you along your journey of meeting and dating Russian and Ukrainian ladies.

Another great website is run by a great person I know who has also been in this processes, he have some excellent information and even has interviews from ladies from all over the world. Please take some time to check you his site at




05/20/2008 - For today's entry I wanted to list some items that I am going to be adding to the website. I will be in the coming week adding my pictures from Odessa, Ukraine, Some more ways of learning Russian, Some tips on writing letters to the ladies and some more observations about this process. In the mean time any questions anyone has for me you can send me an email and I will get back to you as soon as I can.  email

04/27/2008 - Lets spend some time talking about agencies. Take it from someone who has used them all. Yes I used Anastasia Web and Anastasia Tours. If you never listen to another word I type again, never use Anastasia. They are just taking your money and providing you no service. I can tell you from experience, the girls writing you on Anastasia Web have know idea that you are receiving a letter from them. I had months of correspondence with a girl, ended up meeting her not at a social and she had no idea who I was, this after four months of emails. Girls that are at the socials are even paid to come, I have seen the managers tell ladies they can leave because they have stayed the time they are required. Is this a service that you want to pay thousands for? I know to many people who worked for Anastasia in Russian and Ukraine, with out giving the intimate details I have, if you are using them you are being robbed. But you don't have to take my word for it. Just do a web search for foreign bride agency scams. Anastasia is listed on all of them.

04/18/2008 - I have launched a new project to work with A Foreign Affair to bring three new websites to their list of websites. You can do everything on these two new sites that you can do on their site. Below are the links to the new sites.






04/13/2008 - It has been a year since I last updated this site. I hope people still use it from time to time for resources. After saying that it has made me a year wiser to what I have entered into while being married to a Ukrainian lady. I can say that I would not change a thing. It in all of its ups and downs, is the best thing that has happened to me. I have a wonderful wife, she has her good days here and her bad. She misses her family a lot and I would be shocked if she didn't. I think I have noticed, the more she keeps trying to make me Russian, try to make her American. I guess we should just call it a draw and be glad that we have each other and move on with things. My advice after year two is if you are still thinking about going to Russian/Ukraine to find a wife. Just do it, don't think, don't over analyze the situations, you wants, needs, desires. Just go and find that girl that will makes you feel like a man, that makes you feel as the head of the house and one that makes you feel loved. No matter your own short comings or bad decisions.

04/02/2007 - Today's topic is about when the lady gets here to America. Some things to keep in mind once she is on the ground.

First and for most, you are the only person in most cases she has here in America. She is going to be totally relying on you to help her with many different things. Driving lessons, Schooling, Paperwork for Social Security, working, sometimes English, paperwork for green card and the cultural differences.

Second, This is going to be somewhat like any other relationship you have had. But let me qualify that, the lady believes that the man is the head of the household. But she is going to want to discuss things and be apart of the decision process, but she understands that you will make the ultimate decision.

Third, Find Russian/Ukrainian people in your area. Through out the US there are several Russian stores, churches and community centers. A good website to start on is www.rususa.com

Last. Keep a calling card with and two or so hours a week for her to talk to home. It is important that she have alot of contact with home. This will make thing for her easier to know things are ok at home.

03/30/2007 - I want to talk today about going to Russia/Ukraine for the right reasons. If you are going on a trip to just have fun and party with the ladies. Don't waste my time of others on the trip for the right reasons. All you are doing is confusing the ladies of the reason for the guys to be there and it will interfere with the guys who are there for the right reason. So if you are just looking to drink alot and sleep with the ladies. Do us all a favor and go to Vegas or if you want to sleep with a Russian/Ukrainian girl, just keep to the ones in the hotel lobby.

03/13/2007 - I would really take some time to pass along some of the little do's and don'ts I have come across while going through the socials. If you think of any I should add, please let me know.
Do's Don'ts
Be honest with the ladies. - If you do not own a boat, then don't bring a picture of you standing in front of a yacht. Bring pictures of your family, pets, city and places near where your house/apartment is. Most ladies you want do not care if you have a five bedroom home with three bathrooms, two Mercedes and a yacht. They want to see your family, to know about them. These are the things that will effect them more directly then your house or car. Do you want to see a Russian/Ukrainian girl melt? Show them pictures of your dog or cat. Letting a girl see the city and around your house is nice so they can see its size compared to their city. Do not spend the first two hours of the first social standing around with that deer in the headlight look. - This is mainly for first time tour goers. You only get 6 hours a social to meet the ladies. Please done spend this first two hours standing around being amazed by what you see. Understand that ladies will be coming in and out during the socials. So ladies the get off work late will be there near the end of the social. Ladies that may work a 2nd shift will be there in the beginning and ladies who live out of town will be there in the middle as most of them will leave early to head to there home city.
Have a good exit strategy. - You are going to meet women at the socials that will try to manipulate your time, but if you spend more then 20 minutes with one you are spending to much time. Try on the plane over to formulate a set of questions you NEED to know before you want to set up a date with a girl. The girls for you will have a normal set of questions also. Age, Occupation, Family, Goals so on and so forth. But you will also want to think of your exit strategy for leaving the table without insulting the lady. They know you are going to be talking to a lot of other women, they just don't want to be reminded of it. Do not come to the social with a note pad. - I would suggest using a steno pad and cutting the pages into four pieces. Put them in your shirt pocket. As you get information from ladies, put the filled out ones in your pants pocket. I know this sounds picky, but. Ladies want to feel special and not just a number. Using a note pad makes them feel that they are just another number you are getting, not to mention if you forget to remove the page another lady just gave you her information on. Ladies know that you are meeting several other ladies, but they just don't like that fact being pushed in their faces.
Take a translator with you even if the girl knows English. - I know this does not make a lot of sense, but hear me out. To say that a girl is fluent in English or know English is not completely true. Here is why I say this, they learn British English not American English. Second, my wife is fluent in English but at times she is not sure of how something is translated. So having a translator along will allow her to as the translator for a better word or phrase, also sometimes girls are nervous. Allowing her the option to communicate in her native language may make the conversation easier. She can concentrate on what she wants to say, not on translating everything in her head. Remember what dates you have made so far. - Nothing more embarrassing guys then meeting two beautiful women setting up a date with them and then going to the lobby of the hotel and finding them both waiting on you. Nothing will set you back more them having them both upset with you. Some girls take off work or leave work early to go on a date with us. Also you probably just lost two girls from your dating list.

03/12/2007 - If you have questions about the process or questions from someone who has been on a few tours and been through the visa process. Please feel free to contact me.  email